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Hair accessories

Parykhuset invites you into a world of hair accessories and hair pieces that you can use in your everyday life or on special occasions. This is your opportunity to give your hairstyle a new look with hair accessories and hair pieces. Do not limit yourself to one hair piece and instead go explore the possibilities, so you can style your hair exactly like you want!

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Få pandehår på 2 minutter! Længde: 38 - 40 cm Størrelse: 8 x 14 cm
1,600 DKK
Fletning som hårbånd
109 DKK 93 DKK
Flot krøl, 38-42cm
625 DKK
Prosecco er et must have, 28-32cm
625 DKK
High Heat Fiber, 38-50cm
625 DKK
En knold så smuk!
625 DKK

Detachable hair pieces for women

Detachable hair pieces are not wigs. They are sections of hair that you blend into your own hair to create a more voluminous look.


Whether you want long hair one day, a big bun the next day, or gorgeous curls another day, you can find something for you in our assortment. To put it simply: there are a ton of options with detachable hair pieces.


All our hair pieces come in different colors and hair types, so you are sure to find something, that fits your style and the look you are going for. Also, our hair pieces come with either an elastic, silicone base, or a clip-in, so you can attach them in your hair in no time.


Find hair accessories here

Aside from our detachable hairpieces, we also have hairbands with hair attached to them. These hairbands are not only stylish and decorative, but they are also comfortable to wear under a cap or on their own.


If you are experiencing hair loss, our hair pieces and hairbands are great options for you to consider. For example, if you are experiencing hair loss in an area on the back of the head or at the nape, you can use our Grog or Gin model to create a voluminous bun to cover it.

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